Classique Windows

history + heritage

The Classique window is crafted from modern PVC-U, which - unlike traditional timber windows - will never need sanding or repainting and will never rot, split or swell. These low maintenance windows will keep your home looking at its best for years to come, with no more work than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

The Classique window range is crafted in the latest state of the art manufacturing facility ensuring a quality of precision manufacture.

Our Classique windows are manufactured to bespoke sizes to suit the appearance of your home, whether a town house or a cozy cottage.

The assembly and final inspection is signed off by the individual craftsman.

authentic + style

The newly unveiled Classique window is reminiscent of early 19th Century timber windows and is ideal for heritage homes, particularly in conservation areas where authentic looks are all - important.

Unlike chamfered and sculptured styles, which are designed to add contour and detail to your windows, the Classique sits flush within the frame and offers traditional, understated elegance.

However traditional this window may look, it offers deceptively modern performance. Your home will be a haven of warmth and quiet, thanks to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the Classique.

authentic + energy

With the Classique window you will no longer need to worry about the draughts and damp that are traditionally associated with period properties. Perfect for heritage applications, your home could be a warm and quiet haven if you choose to replace your old weather - worn windows with the elegant, energy - efficient Classique.

The five chamber PVC-u frames of the Classique with double or triple glazing, will ensure your home is extremely weatherproof and draughtproof, providing a outstanding thermal barrier against driving winds and rain, even in the most exposed locations.

Pick a colour

The Classique window is available in eighteen foiled colour finishes and additionally a smooth white PVC-u finish is also available to perfectly personalise your property. Each colour and woodgrain has been designed to look just like traditional stained or painted timber and will require little or no maintenance other than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

You can also select different finishes for the iside and outside of your property.

For example, you might choose a warm timber effect for the outside, such as 'Irish Oak' and opt for clean, bright White for the interior. You might even decide to specify a particular colour to match your kitchen.

individual + design

Classique Windows are manufactured to a high level of security which includes a shootbolt with multi mushroom cams and hinge protection with security claws as standard to cope with the present day security requirements.

Choose with confidence from our range of lockable handles available for this prestige product.

Classique window fittings are available in an extensive range of finishes.